Swmai Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya well recognized across the globe for its online programs...

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Swmai Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya opens call for admission in its various courses of various Institutes...

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Future events in Swmai Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya are...

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Online Assessment & Examination

At SKVV Online assessment is conducted at the end of each module. An email notification will be sent to the registered email of the student regarding date & time of the online assessment. Students have to appear in the examination without any help so that he/she can be assessed well about his/her learning for that module. Assessment result will also send to registered Email. This result will suggest you where you are standing and how you can improve.

Similarly, at the end of the semester of each course, another notification email will be sent to the registered email of the student regarding End Semester Examination Schedule and venue of the examination (generally an ‘Study Center’ will be the Examination venue).

Further you are requested to refer FAQ given below or contact


If your exam is organized by the SKVV Examination Service, you will receive emailed instructions during the Study Period/Session on how to arrange your examinations.
An email will be sent to you around the middle of the Study Period/Session to advise you when you can nominate/change your preferred examination venue and when your exam timetable is ready for viewing.
You will be directed to your individual exam schedule timetable which will detail the date, time and duration of each exam, and the address of your nominated venue.
If required, you can change your venue by selecting another venue from the list available.

You will need to bring any photo ID such as a current Driver's license, voter ID, Passport or Pan card. You will also need to bring print out of the Hall ticket (sent to your registered email).
The study center will allot you one computer node where examination will carried out on the scheduled time. Time examination paper will appear on screen and you have to appear in the examination without any help. The invigilators will ensure not use of any unfair means during the examination.

You may be eligible for an Exam Travel Subsidy if you are 100kms from the nearest exam venue. Further information and application details can be found on our Travel subsidies page.

When the examination is managed by the SKVV Examination Service, your exam organisation, venue hire will not incur any extra costs, only you have to pay Vishwavidyalaya Examination Fee. The Vishwavidyalaya will manage your examination.

Generally, all examinations will be conducted within four weeks or as per the schedule of Vishwavidyalaya Examination (as per the Calendar) from the end of the Session. Further, Vishwavidyalaya has its right to change the schedule with prior notification.

A deferred exam allows for those very special circumstances where illness or other serious causes will, or has, prevented you from attending an examination on the scheduled date/time.
You must contact your Study Center or Vishwavidyalaya Controller of Examination for consideration and approval for a deferred exam. They will also be able to provide you further information on their eligibility criteria for a deferral.
Vishwavidyalaya Controller of Examination will then send you a letter advising whether your application has been approved.
If your application for exam deferral is approved, you will be provided with the following details:
Examination period dates (i.e. the examination period in which your deferred exam has been allocated), so that you can nominate your availability for attending the examination.
Your deferred examination timetable.

Foreign Tieups

SKVV facilitating Young Minds for Academic Experience across the globe. We have shaken hands with two Universities in USA: Akmai University, Hawaii, USA and Columbia International University, Columbia...

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Student members can access wide range of e- books and also visit some online libraries...

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Online Examination

Students can appear in their Online Examinations as per their schedule only...

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Donation of Books

Students can donate their books of passed examinations from any board/ institution/ University for poor students, so that they can study at low cost. This will be one kind of help to study poor students those can’t afford burden of costly books.

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Campus Event

  • Tree Plantation Ceremony

    Tree Plantation of about 4500 plants has been done in Distt. Kanyakumari, Distt. Dehradun and Distt. Ahmedabad by Swami Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya. It is dream that we plant at least one lakh plants in Country by 2017-18.

    Tree Plantation Ceremony

    Campaign for awareness about Online Education

    We campaign amongst the young youth of India to make them aware about the power of internet. Education through internet is easier, faster and valuable to someone who is working and can’t afford much time for classroom education.

    Campaign for awareness about Online Education

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